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Access from anywhere

Access your files from anywhere, any time

Access your files instantly from all your computers, mobile devices and the web. Work from home, from the office or from the most idea-inspiring places on the planet.

Secure collaboration

Share and collaborate securely inside & outside your organization

Create centralized folders that your internal team members and external collaborators can easily access.

Enterprise grade

Keep your work safe, secure and private for peace of mind

Sharsafe includes strong privacy protection features, and enterprise grade infrastructure. Your data is safe with Sharsafe.

Send and receive files securely

Share files and folders with others quick and easy, with your personal file portal. Control access with passwords, upload capability, and email notifications. Get unlimited data transfer and the people you share with get instant access, no Sharsafe account or software required!

Secure file sharing with links
Secure document collaboration with team shared folders

Collaborate and share privately or publicly

Enable team access to centralized shared folders, documents and files, without the hassle of file servers or email You can make files private access for only people of your choosing, or public access to anyone on your file web portal.

Access your files from anywhere

Sharsafe and access your files from all of your computers, laptops, tablets and mobile devices, Windows, macOS, iOS, Android and the web Enable work from home, from the office or from just about anywhere on the planet, for your entire team Offline access features make it easy to get work done, even if you're not connected to the Internet

Sharsafe your files across all your computers and devices
Keep your documents and files always backed up. Recover deleted files and previous versions easily.

Backup and restore made easy

Protect your files from ransomware, hardware failure and human error with the ability to rollback any file to any previous date or time Never lose a file again with centralized, real time backups that make it easy to recover and restore deleted files Archive your files in the cloud for long-term storage with Sharsafe to keep your files safe and available for years to come